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Hello and welcome to the elite-wings website.

Elite-wings is a group of motorcyclists who all have at least three things in common – we all ride a solo Honda Goldwing, (which we believe is the finest touring motorcycle available today),  we all like to use our bikes for what they’re designed for, (proper riding and touring), and we like to stay in comfortable hotels when we’re away on tours.

There are some Yorkshiremen in the group so we don’t waste money 🙂   We seek out good hotel deals when we can, often very successfully, but when we’re doing things together in this Club we don’t sleep in tents and we don’t go for the cheapest.  We aim for prices/deals that offer good Value for Money.

It doesn’t matter which model of ‘Wing’ you ride so long as it’s a Honda Goldwing BUT we only accept membership applications from SOLO bikes.  Our Group doesn’t cater for Trailers Trikes or Sidecars.  Lots of other clubs do those things, we like to stick to what we like doing and can do well.

Likewise we don’t do club politics or committees and that sort of thing, and we don’t hold ‘club business’ meetings.   We’re simply a group of people who sometimes get together to ride our Goldwings and do a bit of socialising over dinner 🙂
Members volunteer to plan rides and tours and other group members join them if they wish to do so.   We help each other out with planning and organising the rides and tours so no one is expected to jump in at the deep end and do everything unaided.

We all love to ride and explore so we gather for weekend tours in different parts of UK and at least once per year we organise a longer holiday tour abroad.  These are sometimes to familiar territory where we have contacts or friends but we also sometimes aim further afield, for example into Western Europe.  Over the years we’ve also sometimes done trips together by plane to such places as the Daytona Bike Week in Florida and the USA Wing Ding.

Occasionally we will join in with something different, perhaps  an event organised by another Golding Club but essentially we are a riding club.  On a typical elite-wings weekend away we spend our days exploring good riding roads and scenic areas and we do our socialising afterwards, at dinner or in the bar at the hotel 🙂   We meet for purely social purposes maybe once or twice a year, usually during the winter season when its too cold to get the bike out !

Over the years we’ve developed useful ways of organising and conducting our rides and tours so for example the routes are usually pre-planned (compatable with Garmin Zumo GPS) and are distributed in advance by email.  It isn’t essential to have a Garmin satnav to join a ride with the Club but most people invest in one sooner or later because it helps.  An advantage of having pre-planned routes (and refreshments stops, of course) is that we don’t have to  ride in a procession.  Many will choose to stick together and share a riding pace but there’s also freedom to do your own thing and make faster (or slower) progress and/or  make a diversion if you wish.

We in Elite-wings keep in touch and organise ourselves using all modern methods – our Website, email, Facebook and by telephone. We have no paperwork at all.

 In Elite-Wings we encourage good riding standards.  It isn’t compulsory at all, but lots of us have done some Advanced Rider Training and joined either the    Institute of Advanced Motorists or RoSPA.   Don’t think for a moment that anyone will be picking holes in your riding style if you join us, so don’t be discouraged for that reason – we’re not elitist in that or any other sense really, we’re just a group of fairly committed riders.

But we have enjoyed developing our individual riding skills as part of enjoying our motorcycling together and new members often seem to want to follow suit and feel benefit from doing so.  No expectations and certainly no pressure but our Club does provide an environment in which you can develop your riding skills (and therefore your riding confidence) if you want to.

We keep the details of our future rides and tours in the private members area of this Webiste but there is plenty of other information, for example about previous tours, which could help to whet your appetitie for joining us.  You are also welcome to give one of our members, Roy, a ring if you would like to ask questions and his phone number is bottom right on the ‘Apply to Join’ page.


Just click on APPLY TO JOIN and fill in the on-line form 🙂



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